Bird Cages for Parrots of All Sizes

Here are some tips for you when you are buying bird cages for parrots.

You are going to want to look for things such as Locks, Bar Spacing, Your Birds Wing Span, Feeders,and many many more.

Lets start with Door Locks.  You want to make sure that your cage has door locks that will keep your Parrot from being the next Houdini.  Parrots are good at picking the locks and letting themselves out.  You will want to look for feeder door locks.  Keep in mind when you are looking for bird cages for parrots that they are very smart and depending on your feeder system, they can empty their feeder, remove it and then escape out the feeder door also.

Parrots can be very messy so you will want to think about how you can minimize this. You can buy skirts to put around the outside of the cage to help keep the mess inside the cage, or when you are shopping for bird cages for parrots,  you can look for the ones that already have a metal one attached to the side of the cage.

Parrots come in different sizes, colors and personalities.  Another thing to look at in bird cages for parrots, is the size of the wing span of your parrot.  You want your bird to have enough room inside the cage to be able to stretch their wings.  So for a parakeet, you can get buy with a smaller cage than you could for a Cockatoo or McCaw.

You can get cages with Dome Tops and with Play Tops.  It is wise to stay away from the Play Tops as this can put your parrot at a level above you and this can cause some problems with training in the future.  They can become difficult and evasive when you are trying to get them to step up on your finger, and can even become aggressive and start biting.  So keep this in mind when you are looking at bird cages for parrots.

One of the most important items you want to be aware of, is the spacing between the bars.  You want to be sure that they are not able to get their head in between the bars.  If the bars are too far apart, they can get their heads caught and this can kill them.  You want the spacing to be smaller than the spacing of their eyes.

Make sure your cage has a grill and a removable tray for cleaning.  You want to be able to clean the cage daily and this will make it much easier. We have a Sun Conure and she has trained herself to stand over a paper bag that we have attached to one end of the cage and she does her “job” in the bag.  This helps tremendously.

Now that we have given you some tips to think about when looking at bird cages for parrots, go out and find the perfect cage for yours and have fun raising it.  Next time we will cover the pros and cons of Decorative Cages.

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