7 Important Things Every Hunter Should Know

Being a hunter means that there will be many things you will need to know. The method, the skill, or the rule when you go hunting is what you should notice. To train yourself to be a skillful hunter, apart from the accuracy and stability you will need to know the things that every hunter should know.

Maximum effective range

You should be aware how long your arrow can reach; this will be the critical element for success in the hunting field. If your arrow can not fly in the air long enough, it is possible for it to reach the prey. Or even the arrow can hit somewhere on the animals, but it can not dig deep, then you will have to follow the track for a long way.

The effective range in the definition of a hunter, also means that is the distance you are likely to hit the bull eye when practicing. The accuracy with a particular distance will decide whether you need to shorten the distance from you to the prey or not.

Respect your very weapon

You should always exam your weapon and see if it in good condition. The weapon sometimes will be the best friend of the hunter on the field. If you only have a bow and it was broken, then it means you will not have any chance to hunt even a prey.

Check and care the weapon regularly will reduce the rusted on your bow. Also, do not forget to test the string if you never bring with you the extra string. Keep an eye for the arrows as well as the path of them will affect your result.

Choose proper clothes

It sounds wear; you will think what the clothes relative with hunting? However, think about it, some cloth will help you to easily hidein nature. Choosing the clothes to have the color quite similar to the field will help you to hide better.

For instance, you will need a green one to “blind” the animal when you on the grass. The clothes will allow you ambush some prey that does not recognize you. You can approach the prey, reduce the distance till you find it not so hard to knock your prey down.

Your cloth should be neat too, do not let the cloth to prevent you from having an accurate and stable shoot. If the on you are in make you feel inconvenient, you should change it with another one. While hunting, make sure you always neat to prevent anything can slow you down.

Know the weather of the hunting place

Having already heard of watched the weather forecast or have some advice from a friend about the location you will spend your time is a great advantage. Having the information, you will prepare for the trip better to deal with the unexpected.

The temperature might get down; this will make you have a torture trip instead of hunting. In that situation, you will have to select only one option, enduring the extreme cold or retire soon. The preparation is necessary if you want to enjoy the whole trip, not a part of it.

Scot the ground

Even if you go hunting with a pro who know the field well as the back of his hand, you should look through the map and learn something about it. Thank the technology, you can use google maps to see the terrain as it is made of the photo taken from the satellite.

But you should not rely too heavily on the technology always take topographic maps along with you as the backup. If the area you tend to hunt does not have Wi-Fi as well 3G or your device do not work well. The paper map will be the only thing you can rely on.

Base on the map, you can explore the area while hunting. The map will help you to recognize the place where you are being. The hill, the meadow, bank of the river, the map and landscape will a great support that help you to find your location and avoid being lost.

Prepare the plan to bring meat home

When go hunting, people will not think much about how to bring the meat they have gained on the ground. This is somehow very common for the beginners even though they really want to bring something home to show their skill.

It will not much challenge if you only hunt few small animals, it is not too heavy, as well not too cumbersome. But how it will happen when you have knocked down a deer or an elk, this will be a big problem for you because they ordinarily weight hundred of pounds.

You should learn how to cut the meat from the animals before go for a hunting trip. So you can butcher the meat and carry it with less effort. How to carry it is another problem, it normally will be heavy if you carry it on your own. Some friends or some transport in that area might very helpful.

If you can not finish the prey on the first time and let it run away, then, of course, you will need to follow its track to find it. You will not want the deer to go deep into the woods; then you will have to pay enormous time and effort to collect the meat. Try to hunt and knock down the prey near the road if possible.

Tell someone about your trip

A trip can last for few day, to make people do not worry when you disappear, you should tell some close friend or family about your trip. Also, this is critical when go hunting alone, if the accident occurs, there will some people will find you.

You should remember to talk about the place you are going to get there, the specific area if possible. Also tell them the time you start and the expected time you plan to leave. This is the information that necessary to ensure your safe since hunting is always an adventurous sport.

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